Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Top Ten 2009

A few of the bookish blogs I've been reading have recently been posting lists of their favourite crime reads of 2009. Not being one to miss a bandwagon, I thought I'd jump on. But my list will detail the books I came across in 2009, they may well have been published before that date.

The eagle-eyed among you will spot the fact that I've numbered them all number 1. Why? It's like saying which of your children are your favourites, innit?

1. Philip Kerr...If the Dead Rise Not
1. R J Ellory...The Anniverary Man
1. John Connolly...The Lovers
1. Caro Ramsay...Singing to the Dead
1. Carol O'Connell...Bone By Bone
1. Tony Black...Gutted
1. James Lee Burke...Rain Gods
1. Deon Meyer...Blood Safari
1. Shav Sherez...The Black Monastery
1. George Pelecanos...Hard Revolution
1. Daniel Woodrell...Winter's Bone
1. Walter Mosely...Bad Boy Brawly Brown
1. Bill Kirton...The Darkness

oops, I've over run...and I've still to mention...och, there's too many to mention. How am I supposed to limit this fecking thing to 10? Whose idea was this anyway?

'Nuff said. Go buy one. Or two...



  1. Aarrggh ! I'm a kid in a sweet shop, I want them all !!

  2. I know, Ricky. Too many books, too little time.

  3. and who says crime does not pay

  4. Michael, you do me a great honour by putting me in such company. Huge thanks.

    Now about that fiver you owe me ...

  5. Michael, Did you know that James Lee Burke lives here in Montana? Actually, about 25 miles from the town in which I work.

    I like your cat; had one who looked similar.

    Oh, and that famous guy, Bill Kirton...who's he?

  6. Linda, JLB is The Man. Have your paths ever crossed? If I met him I'd do the gormless/ breathless fan thing and simply stare at him until the man ran from me screaming.

  7. Michael, I tried to find Woodrell's book. BAM was sold out of all his books. Now, why a picture with Fantasy books on the shelf. Do you like Eddings? And who were you GOING to mention next I'm curious. We'll allow you 20.

  8. Michael, just as an aside, Larry Brooks is deconstructing SHUTTER ISLAND (the movie and book) by Dennis LeHane at www.storyfix.com. I'm really getting a good idea on how a writer breaks the story down scene by scene.

  9. Marley, the movie of the Woodrell book is released/ soon to be - so perhaps thats why you are finding it difficult to get a hold of it. The photo of the fantasy books was really all about the cat. And I gorged myself on Eddings a few years ago and have never been able to go back. Yet. The more recent effords of his that I've read haven't quite hit the same heights as his earlier stuff. LOVED the Belgariad. Next? Oh, I've lost my thread but Denise Mina, Kate Atkinson, OMG, I forgot David Simon, Homicide A year in the Killing Streets - that was an amazing achievement.

  10. Thea, thanks. I'll go have a wee look.

  11. Thea - that looks fascinating. I need to spend a few hours having a look through the different articles. Cheers!

  12. Michael - No, I haven't met JLB, but we've each had book signings in the same book store in downtown Missoula. Of course, they were at different times; also, I've only had one book signing and he's had more than one, so we're not exactly on a level. (How's that for understatement?) If I ever do run across him, I'll get his autograph for you. (Assuming he doesn't run screaming from me...)