Sunday, 18 March 2012

A song for sunday...

 Given that it's Mother's Day here in the UK, this seems a good choice of song. Maxwell did a standout version of this a few years back, but as is usually the case, the original is the best.

All you mumsies have a nice day.


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Crimefest Bristol - May 2012

Be there. Or, ehm, don't.

I will. In fact I will be appearing there to talk about "Blood Tears" my debut crime novel.

Cue for another look at the cover ...

The nice peeps who organise the event have invited me to talk on two panels throughout the weekend.

Who or what is CRIMEFEST, I hear you ask?

I lifted this info from the .WEBSITE  ...

"CRIMEFEST is a convention for people who like to read an occasional crime novel as well as for die-hard fanatics.

Following the hugely successful one-off visit to Bristol in 2006 of the American convention Left Coast Crime, the hosts were encouraged to continue with a similar annual event and created CRIMEFEST.
First organised in June 2008, CRIMEFEST is quickly becoming one of the most popular dates in the crime fiction calendar. The annual convention draws top crime novelists, readers, editors, publishers and reviewers from around the world and gives delegates the opportunity to celebrate the genre in an informal atmosphere.

Like Left Coast Crime, CRIMEFEST follows the format of US conventions where—with exception of the highlighted authors—all delegates pay the same registration fee to enjoy a convention that includes interviews, panels, a Gala Dinner, and one or two surprises. "

Guest speakers this year include such luminaries as Lee Child, Jeffrey Deaver, PD James and Sue Grafton.

On Friday 25th May at 10:10 there's -  Mad, Bad & Dangerous To Know 
  • Helen Fitzgerald
  • Douglas Lindsay
  • Michael J. Malone
  • Damien Seaman
With the very lovely Donna Moore as moderator.

Not sure if it is a role-play exercise and if I can choose which of the above adjectives to live up to.

Then you get some breathing space until my next appearance on Saturday 26th with ...

Debut Authors – An Infusion of Fresh Blood
  • Thomas Enger
  • Penny Hancock
  • Anthony Hays
  • Michael J. Malone
  • Claire McGowan
  • Damien Seaman
With the equally lovely moderator, Chris Simmons. 

So now you know. Don't say I didn't tell you nuffink. If you are going be sure to say hi. And to buy lots of copies of my book. Which goes without saying really. Cue for the hypnotic suggestion.... buybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybubyubybuybuybuybuybuybuybuyBloodTearsforeveryoneIknowbuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybubyubybuybuybuybuybuybuybuyBloodTearsforeveryoneIknowbuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybubyubybuybuybuybuybuybuybuyBloodTearsforeveryoneIknow.