Wednesday, 5 January 2011

RIP Gerry Rafferty

The smooth vocals and that rich sax. It can only be Baker Street. Awesome.

I don't know if its a Scottish/ UK thing, but there is a tendency around these here parts to think that if he/ she is one of ours he/ she cannae be that good.

This song came out in the seventies and when I found out he was one of ours, it blew me away. We COULD be that good. It opened up a world of possibilities.

For that and the music - thanks, Gerry.


  1. I don't know if its a Scottish/ UK thing, but there is a tendency around these here parts to think that if he/ she is one of ours he/ she cannae be that good.

    Some French guy just said, "And you'd be right about that, brother."

  2. never heard of him :( but he sure does sound great in this video above!

  3. Thanks for posting this, Michael. One of the few recordings that is perfect. I've been hearing it for 30-odd years and I still love it every time - as well as most of the rest of his output. Thanks for all the music indeed.

  4. Noooo. What a loss. I can close my eyes and hear every note of Baker Street. I don't think there was another song like it.

  5. I Could Be Wrong was my favourite of his, a little known gem of a song.

  6. Wing and a Prayer! had a great cover if I'm remembering correctly. Didn't remember that song but just watched a YT of it by 65 Seasons. Wow, his voice. I'm going on a Gerry bash for a week.

  7. that song was almost the background theme for the 80s - it's still a regular on the radio (for people who still actually listen to the radio. hey mikey, what is all that stuff about tommy sheridan?

  8. Ricky and Marley - I don't understand why, but I never got around to listening to much of his other stuff. I should rectify this.

    Thea, to be honest I haven't bothered much about any of that stuff. I have no interest in politicians and even less in their sex life. No matter how rampant they are. But I do think there is a large touch of the newspapers getting their revenge. The media has revelled in the whole mess. How dare he sue them?

    Basically, he sued a newspaper a couple of years ago for reporting he was in a sex club. He won and won a large payout. They came back at him and he was charged with perjury. He defended himself and lost.

    And lo a man who was a champion for the people was decried as a liar ... and how the newspapers enjoyed pasting that label on him.

  9. eeecks, it doesn't pay to make enemies, but i wouldn't be surprised if the verdict was overturned on appeal. the whole case sounds strange. anyway, i read about it and was wondering if anyone cared. hey, i've been watching Spartacus on dvd. lotsa blood, but an interesting story. have any of you seen it? kind of Rome meets 300...

  10. Yeah, you're right, Thea few people outside of the media care.

    as for Spartacus, yes I watched it. It was a real gore-fest, good stories with lots of sex. what's not to love right? What annoyed me was the faux-Shakespearean dialogue. Gimme a break. Did Romans EVER speak like 16th century Englishmen? Don't think so.

    I read somewhere the main lead was seriously ill and will be replaced in the next series.

  11. definitely some holes in the logic of the plot. like slaves reading those little scrolls??? and since the slaves were collected from all over, like, how did they even understand each other? and yes, lots of gratituous group sex! what's not to love!! i read, too, that andy whitfield developed non-hodgkins lymphoma - which can go into long term remission, but i'm thinking the kind of physicality that must go into playing a role like this wouldn't. but, wow, he sure is gorgeous and a decent actor, too. i do love the Spartacus story - is that a legend or is it a true story about a slave uprising? i'm too lazy to google it. Another movie I watched recently is The Town with Ben Affleck? have you seen?

  12. Spartacus did exist - and he WAS a Thracian. And he WAS owned by someone called Batiatus. Who I'm sure didn't speak like an out of work English actor.

    The Town looks excellent - on my Must Watch List.

  13. Where were the Thracians from - eastern Europe? regarding the 16th century sounding dialogue - the writers probably borrowed the Star Wars/Yoda way of dialoguing by mixing up the sentence structure. I am Sam/Sam am I/Sam I am (with a little Dr. Seuss thrown in the mix lol) Okay, watch The Town and the let's 'discuss'

  14. Here I offer proof, if it were ever needed...(wikiquote)

    Kill Them All [1.13]
    Spartacus: You move well. As if lash had never struck.
    Crixus: Pain is erased when inflicted upon others.
    Spartacus: I would have you at your best when we face each other.
    Crixus: Is that all you'd have for me. Rhaskos speaks of your desires. What fever grips brain, that Spartacus would think me to band with him. To risk the lives of my men, my life.
    Spartacus: Is there one, without the woman you love within it?
    Crixus: I've never had a stronger reason to live.
    Spartacus: I know your heart Crixus. I felt the beating of it within my chest once.
    Crixus: Then you know I'll fucking survive, and see Naevia returned to me.
    Spartacus: As my wife was returned. Batiatus ordered her death.
    Crixus: How did you come upon this?
    Spartacus: The tongue of his man Aulus before silencing it forever. I will see the house of Batiatus fall, and with it the villain's blood upon the earth.
    Crixus: As would I in your position, but I am far removed. My escape would not aid Naevia. How would I purchase her freedom, or even find her?
    Spartacus: Join me, and we will find her together.
    Crixus: You know that in another life, you and I may have been as brothers. But not in this one. I must win my freedom in the arena.
    Spartacus: Then we stand in the way of each other's cause.
    Crixus: And both are just, but if I fall I'd have you swear to find Naevia, see her freed.
    Spartacus: And I would have word that if you are victorious, one day you will have Batiatus' life. Tomorrow then, one of us dies.
    Crixus: I fear it was always fated so.

  15. BTW - wikiquote is a fantastic site if you want examples of dialogue from tv and movies.

  16. Gosh, i love this show! such passion! hey did you see in the paper a recent study that women's tears lower testoterone levels in men's bodies and that's why they can't stand seeing women cry? and throughout this show, poor Sparky does nothing but boohoo over his wife and all the men watch in sympathy. even the guy with the bullwhip got a little verklemp at times! Is it any wonder Batiatus had her knocked off? if there's one thing a gladiator needs, it's testosterone!!! btw, i love lucy lawless in this part. most of her acting is facial expression. very well done.