Sunday, 1 April 2012

Stuff 'n nonsense...

Long time no blog, eh?

Apologies go out to my three regulars. Like you care, really.

Anywho, life has been busy, what with the new job. Yes, I have left the world of finance and I am now employed in the world of books. How cool is that?

My training has involved travelling the length and breadth of the country “shadowing” the guys already in the job and learning from them. Visiting bookshops in the sunshine – great!

Much of the travelling has been by plane. It’s been a while and the increased security searches took me by suprise.

 Last week, at one of the London airports I set off the scanner and received a fairly thorough search from a security guy. It’s fair to say that this dude was thorough enough to work out which side I “dressed” and I felt like saying to him that if he was intent on being so intimate, he should at least wear aftershave.

Either that, or he could just give me a quick prostate check while he was at it. D.R.E. I think they call it in the medical profession.

I was reminded of that episode in Friends where one the guys goes to visit Joe’s tailor and complains about “cupping” when he was getting measured for a new pair of trousers. There was no such cupping at the airport, but there was definite nudging.

(Wonder what they do with these young dudes who wear jeans where the crotch hangs down to their knees.)

Just what kind of a b-word (you can't say bomb) am I going to keep there?

Anywho, eventually got home, unpacked and unwound with several cups of spider tea. Is this a new brew, you ask? No, it was simply when I went to fill the kettle for cup number 3, I spotted a rather large spider curled up in the bottom. Yum.

Is this where every woman reading this lets out a scream?

Scream not. This spider was one of the good guys. His name was Tom. He used to be seen scampering across the living room floor of an evening and now he has gone to a watery (and rather warm) end. Still, a gradual boil would have been better than the brain-bashing the wee fella was determined to give him every time he saw him.

Pause now for a wee fella update. He was 14 last month, is now taller than me - and is therefore unhappy about the  title “Wee Fella” title. But what should I call him now? Answers on a postcard, please. Or, fill in the comments box.



  1. Bet the airport security guard was using the sentence wee fella during your frisk!! Sorry Michael couldn't resist. My mind has lived for a long time in the gutter! Laney

  2. Haw, cheeky - should you no be on your way to the fitba?

  3. Good to hear you're still getting your pleasures where you can find them, Michael. As for the wee fella - he's taller than you so maybe 'Sir'.

  4. so you're finally earning some money from books :PPP

  5. We've missed you and your humour, Michael. Great job, even if you got more than you expected on your travels. And I like spiders - so absolutely no screaming!

    The wee fella is obviously the big man now.

  6. Congrats on the new job - visitng bookshops sounds like fun! And the spider thing- in my experience it's always the men running away from them (not quite screaming, but nearly...)

  7. FWL - Formerly Wee lad like a series by Gail Carriger I've been reading. Her ghost are called "formerly Susan" or some such. Big big congrats on the cool new job. Sunshine, travel and books. Who could ask for anything more?

    ROTFL at the new style prostate exam. You know they could even zap it with a little radiation while their at it.

  8. Glad you're enjoying the new job Michael.

  9. Congrats on the new job, sounds really cool.

  10. So!!!

    Hows your knew joab as a bookseller coming oan? :o)

    hehehe and tittering profusely

  11. All going well, Rab - driving aboot the country talking aboot books. How are you keepin'?

  12. NumptyHeid1952Friday, May 04, 2012

    Am awricht dude, kind o missin yur ugly face ;o) and jees duckin n divin as usual. Had the "new boy" A. McL up for some ex-Michael advice. He muss be yur pal as he sayis its awricht an ye hae din guid. Whens yur big day noo? Cannae be lang tae the big LAUNCH, mind you The Titanic hud a big launch an luck whit happint tae it LOL. HEHEHE. Sunk like a stane (titters profusely) Am bad inta? Drap in whenever!!