Carnegie's Call

A slight change of direction - he says with understatement - and my new book, Carnegie's Call is now available from all good book outlets.

The spiel is ...

The inspiration for this book was a Scot. For such a small nation the Scots have been influential in so many areas of the planet’s development. Yet Scots have a problem with achievement. Why are so many Scottish people suspicious of our fellow countrymen and women who are successful?

And why do so many of our people go abroad before their abilities are recognised?

How many of us are held back, in whatever sphere we wish for success, by such attitudes?

Recognising the achievements of Scots emigré and man of achievement Andrew Carnegie, Michael Malone interviews Scots who have distinguished themselves and seeks to understand attitudes to success. He uncovers some fascinating insights into how we can develop the success habit.

Exclusive interviews with famous Scots – Michelle Mone OBE, Margaret Thomson Davis, Dr. Robert Crawford CBE, Jack Black – MindStore Founder, Muriel Gray, Sir Tom Farmer CBE, Graeme Obree, Sir Tom Hunter; and a discussion of the life of Andrew Carnegie.

You can go and buy directly from the publisher HERE

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  1. Congratulations, Michael! That's quite an undertaking.

  2. Thanks, Alex. Sometimes you got to think big, eh?

  3. I love the whole concept of this book, Michael - just haven't read it yet! You're so right about the Scottish attitude.

  4. You know I love this book. Like the addition of the page too. The blog is loading a bit faster now. Have an idea for a followup on Carnegie's Call? More interviews to share?

  5. Not at the moment, Livia. Fiction is demanding more of my attention at the moment.

  6. this very much reminds me of Serbs too, Michael :) We even have a saying here - MAY THE NEIGHBOUR'S COW DIE and NOBODY HAS BECOME FAMOUS IN THEIR OWN VILLAGE.

  7. I think there are probably a lot of cultures like this, Dez. But some of us do it particularly well.

  8. Congrats Michael on a fab book. I heard about it on West Sound news! and being a bit of a dabbler in life coaching as an alternative career(who would have known there could be more than 1 person interetsed in life coahcing in Ayrshire)and a big Graeme Obree and Tom Humter fan-had to go and get a copy (signed in Waterstones)! Love the themes and the lessons. Think us Scots are slowly moving away from our traditional stereotypes. Thank you :) Senga Cree

  9. Senga, thank you for buying the book - and thank you for taking the time to tell me how you enjoyed it. I share your hope that we are moving away from those mindsets that hold us back. And, btw, I was at an event a couple of weeks ago and there were another 2 life coaches there. Shocking. All the best for you in your career - we need positive influences out there.