Tuesday, 10 July 2012

In Defence of ... Andy Murray

As a strategy to attract attention to your website, it has merits.  Have your “journalists”  - and I use the term advisedly –  write thoughtless, opinionated pieces – earn the ire of every right thinking person online - stand back, wait for them to tweet, blog and post to their Facebook page and then tote up the numbers as thousands of people join the outrage and come to your site to see for themselves. Meanwhile, the advertising revenue stacks up because of the number of hits your website is earning.

Yes, dear friends, I’m talking about the Daily Mail.

Yesterday’s fuckwittery came from Jan Moir and her “thoughts” following Andy Murray coming in as runner-up in the Wimbledon final.

She’s “talking” about the serious side of Andy’s nature – his unwillingness, if you will, to play the part as expected by the masses, of the smiling, charming sports “personality”. He’s miserable, we are told and it’s because he’s Scottish. Moir goes on to say “we are all like that”.

First of all, let me address the complaint of many who say that Andy is too miserable - not that I necessarily agree - with three words. So fucking what! He’s a WORLD-CLASS athlete, not an empty-headed, talentless TV celebrity. His career is in sport and it is something he does extremely well. To be at the top of his game with such consistency – he’s not been out of the top 4 in his sport for years – takes hard work, talent , dedication and a focus that is beyond most of us. He deserves our admiration, not childish and petty comments about his “likeability”.

Now let me turn my attention to Ms Moir. Good for you, missus. Show us your lack of talent, hard work and dedication by trumpeting out an argument based on empty cliché.

I know LOTS of Scottish people, (having lived here all my life) and I can truly only think of 1 or 2 who merit inclusion in the cliché of the “dour Scot”. Where does that come from anyway? Two-dimensional Scottish characters on Eastenders or Coronation Street?

Lazy writing, Ms Moir. You have a national forum, why don’t you take cognisance of that and write with some consideration.

 Right. #coff I'm away for a wee lie down now.



  1. Yeah, Ricky - sometimes you just gotta get it off your chest!

  2. Hope you also sent it to the paper!

  3. we love Andy here in Serbia, he's the best friend of our Novak Djokovic :)