Monday, 11 June 2012

The Good Word on BLOOD TEARS ...

Far be it from me to blow my own trumpet, so here's other people doing it for me ...

"Blood Tears grips from the get-go. Like all the best crime novels, Malone weaves an intricate tapestry of past bad deeds and modern secrets. His protagonist, Ray McBain, possesses one of the most original and striking back-stories of any character I've come across for a long time. A furious pulse-pounding trip through the hidden alleyways of Glasgow. A tremendous read." 

– Stav Sherez, author of A Dark Redemption and editor with The Catholic Herald

"Michael Malone is one of those new writers that you feel you've known a long time. Blood Tears  blasts onto the Tartan Noir scene like a bullet. Big, bold themes and terrific humour amidst the darkness makes this my debut of the year."

 - Tony Black, author of MURDER MILE

“At once taut and expertly detailed with blistering prose, Blood Tears is an explosively cool and riveting crime novel introducing Glasgow Detective Ray McBain. This may well be a debut novel, but author Michael Malone writes likes an established pro. Tartan Noir has added another winner to its classy ranks.

Sam Millar – novelist 

“If you like Tony will love Michael J. Malone. Tough, funny, dark and so in your face it hurts, a superb piece of writing”

 – Ken Bruen, Novelist

“What is particularly impressive about Michael J Malone's first outing as a crime novelist is that his characters, and DI Ray McBain in particular, hit the ground running in fully developed and highly believable form. Add in a complex and compelling plot that has strong echoes with current media concerns about child abuse and the Catholic church and you have an outstanding novel and a "must read" for all lovers of really good crime drama.” 

– Undiscovered Scotland.

“Blood Tears is not for the faint-hearted but is an addictive thriller that has more twists, turns and blind alleys than a labyrinth. Malone is a strong newcomer to the Scottish crime scene and his fellow, McBain is a grand edition to the crime fiction genre. ‘Blood Tears’ is a bold and dazzling debut.”

Blood Tears is a banging debut. The subject matter is dark, real ripped-from-the-headlines stuff, and so much more affecting for that. It’s written in urgent, pacy prose and sharp dialogue shot through with the kind of gallows humour you want from fictional coppers. The secondary characters are well realised, with hints of some interesting back stories to come out in later instalments and they already feel like a solid unit – a rare thing in new police procedurals. It’s a tough ask, coming up with a new detective, but Malone has created genuinely attractive lead in Ray McBain. Credible and intriguingly flawed without, he’s a character you feel confident will only grow as the series continues.

Scotland has produced some amazing crime writers over the years and on the basis of Blood Tears Michael J.Malone looks set to join the top ranks. If you’re already a fan of Rankin, Black or MacBride, you’ll love this book.

Crime Fiction Lover

McBain is a fascinating character, haunted by a harsh upbringing and latent memories, he has risen to the top of his chosen profession, only to see the accolades of many successes slip away. But is he entirely innocent?
There is an eclectic supporting cast which includes career criminals, conflicted cops, and an old shrew of a Nun, all of whom help or hinder McBain in his quest.

Michael J Malone’s debut crime thriller features the controversial issue of child abuse within the Catholic Church but skilfully manages to avoid over-burdening the reader with a sense of gloom. The energetic pace helps the tale remain entertaining throughout and my home city is thankfully represented positively. The thoughtful descriptions of it’s sprawling Necropolis being a highlight.

A cool new voice in the increasingly popular Scottish crime fiction genre, Malone deserves a place alongside the likes of Stuart MacBride, Alex Grey and Ian Rankin.

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  1. Well, they certainly trumpet loud and clear for you, Michael - an excellent debut onto the Scottish crime writers' scene! Can't wait to get my copy at the Glasgow launch.

  2. OMG, Michael. Those are some of the best early reviews I've ever seen. "Debut author of the year!" What praise. Enjoy every second.

  3. Thanks Alex, Rosemary and Livia. I am totally chuffed.

  4. Great stuff! Congrats on the success and look forward to the launch on Wed

  5. Great news Michael and great news about the reprint. My review should be on the site in the next week (hubby just come out of hospital - long story - so catching up).