Friday, 5 November 2010

Some Friday music...

What tunes are you  listening to these days, I hear you ask. Well , at least one of the voices I hear did.

A recent purchase for my ipod is a certain John Legend and the Roots. I love RnB music people and I'm bored with the directions it's going in these days. It's all over-produced - pick out an instrument I dare you - and the songs are all about humpin'. What ever happened to musicians playing real instruments? And singers singing thought provoking lyrics?

The talented Mr Legend's latest album is a throwback to the sixties and seventies  and hits on all kinds of strands of RnB music, with spiritual, soul, blues and reggae all getting a spin. It's the best album I've spend my hard earned on in ages. 'Nuff said. Shake a leg to this here sample...

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