Thursday, 26 May 2011

Shit Sandwich

The wee fella has clearly been observing my method of feedback. I call it The Shit Sandwich. (You know, you say something nice, then talk about the part that needs to be worked on and then you finish with something nice.)

However, the wee fella’s mastery of said Shit Sandwich is a wee bit off. Let me demonstrate by replaying a conversation we had last night.

Me – That’s me finished reading Game of Thrones. Oh my god, wait till you see what happens!

Wee Fella – (silence) (the milk in my coffee is turning sour from his expression)

Me – What?

Wee Fella – Dad, you are a lovely man but you can be REALLY annoying. (SEE. No nice ending.)

Me – eh?

Wee Fella – That was OUR thing. We watch it together and now you’re going to be gloating when we watch it ‘cos you know what happened next.

Me – But I swear I won’t say anything.

Wee Fella – (says nothing but goes back to full glower)


More silence.

Me – do you want to know what happens?

Wee Fella – NO! Eeesh, you ARE annoying.

Anywho, what a book! This Martin guy certainly knows how to deliver a bad guy and boy can he plot.

As a fan of the fantasy genre I don’t understand why I’ve not read this collection of books yet and as the TV series has played out I’ve been itching to get at it.

The blessing in all of this is that I have a shocking memory so by the time the TV series draws to an end I’ll be as clueless as the wee fella and we can watch it en famille without any gloating whatsoever.

What about you? Enjoying the series? Are you a fan of the books and has the live action lived up to your expectations?


  1. he called you "a lovely man"? :))))
    How old is the junior?

  2. Yes he did, he's 13 and in some ways old before his time.

  3. Did you picture all the actors as the characters when you were reading the book? I hate it when I do that, I can't read any Dexter now as I just picture Michael C Hall.

  4. I didn't even think of that - but now I will. THANKS, Ricky.

    Nah, only joking. Possibly because the visuals came first, I didn't have the chance to build my own pictures. And the actors are all so convincing in their roles.

  5. You have to admit I tried to tell you. And is he a master of metaphor or what!. Yeah, the surprises to come. I read somewhere that even though whoever reviewed him called him a master, he said he didn't understand why his characters keep trying to overcome. Why don't they all just commit mass suicide.

    Glad I came back in time to catch the wee fella on the blog.

  6. It was cast superbly. Not many recognizable faces and not a lot of perfectly pretty people, except the Queen and her brother, but perfect for the characters and well done.

  7. ... and you know I'm going to have to go and buy the rest of the books and have a George RR Martin Marathon.

  8. The wee man's every utterance makes him more and more of a role model for me. (Oh, except for the 'lovely man' bit.)

  9. OHMYGOODNESS!!! i'm in the middle of game of thrones right now! and!!! WOW!!! sometimes the characters just give me the shivers! so twisted and fully realized and arya is my favorite- so far! and i only saw the first episode of the show because we had a free hbo weekend that weekend, but now my hubs and i are just drooling for it to come to netflix! :)

  10. Yeah, Aspiring x - Arya's a great character. I'm really looking forward to reading how she develops. Thanks for popping by.