Wednesday, 28 September 2011

"Blood Tears" update

It seems that small publishers are having problems with a certain book-chain which means a delay in the publication of my debut crime novel.

Put it in your diaries, people ...

July 1st, 2012

We're currently talking cover designs (not the above image) and final edits so it's all coming together. At frickin' last.

We're also hoping that advance copies will be made available for those events I've committed to - so some lucky people will get in there first.

In the meantime, I've been busy as a wee bee on another very different project. Which will mean a new publication direction for me. It's all VERY exciting, but I don't want to say too much until details are finalised.

Don't worry, my MCN friends (all three of you) will be the first to know.




  1. Marked and noted. Is that in the U.S. too?

    And yay for final edits and cover designs!

  2. Hi LG - no plans as yet for US publication, but my UK publisher can send to US. And there will be an e-book at some point. Thanks for asking :-)

  3. Looking forward to it.......and curious....

  4. It will be worth the wait, Michael. Oh... now I want to know all about the other project!

  5. All in good time, Rosemary. All in good time.

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  7. Well, that's irritating. I already had it on my calendar for May. That's okay. I'll just re-read or listen to some of my favorite poetry during the interim.

    Are you going to do Nano this year to work on your new project?

  8. Hey Marley - not doing Nano. The book is almost finished and it's (whispers) non-fiction.

  9. I suppose you do realise, young man, that you've titillated several people.

  10. I hope you will have a beautiful and intriguing cover design, Michael. Don't let them make it blurry, bland or too gray! Cover is what makes people take the book in their hands in bookstores!