Saturday, 8 October 2011

Of Tattoos and Things.

I was being served in a local clothes shop (I've lost 45 pounds now - new jeans, 32 inch waist – just saying) and I noticed the young fella – I’m a poor judge of age, but I’d say he was in his late teens - serving me had a tattoo just below his neckline. It was a string of words – and I don’t know about you, but when I see words I have to know what they say.

(See me reading the same cereal box at breakfast every day for YEARS. It's got thiamine and riboflavin)

Me – Excuse my nosiness but what does the tattoo say?

Him – That’s alright – he grins – It says, everybody dies, but not everybody lives.

Me – cool. What prompted you to get that done?

Him – It’s kinda my thing, my mantra – I think it’s important not to just, like, let life happen to you.

How often do you hear that the young of this country are like the lost generation? It was great to meet a living example that proves that it ain’t necessarily so.

What’s your thing/mantra?

Go on, spill. You know you want to.


  1. Love that. I recently saw another quote from Steve Jobs about following your heart and not letting the voice of pessimism wear you down. I'd have that tattooed somewhere if I could. The quote was about a paragraph long though, so I'd probably have to be drunk to do it.

    Good for you losing 45 lbs!

  2. 45 pounds lighter? You must control these healthy urges - only harm can come of them.

    I fancy a tattoo, if only just to piss off my (grown-up) kids, and, since having tattoos seems/is pretentious, I'd go for 'Je suis le ténébreux, le veuf, l'inconsolé' - even though I'm none of those things. Well, you did ask.

  3. LG - go on, have a drink: get a tat!

    Bill - I fancy a tattoo as well. I just haven't come across anything that I want on my skin for the rest of my life. (Apart from Kelly Rowland)

    And as for your words? I have the name of a good psychiatrist here. I'm worried about you.

  4. I'm impressed by your inch/pound loss, Michael -and I need that inspiration to lose some of mine! Love the tattoo philosopher.

  5. Thanks, Rosemary. The really difficult part was getting into the right mindset. After that it has really been quite easy - strange as it might seem.

  6. Royce Gracie of UFC fame once said "You could put The Devil on the other side, I'll still walk in to fight" I reckon that applies to lots of situations.

  7. Nice one, Ricky. You got that across your chest?

  8. Be careful with the tattoos - they're like Pringles. Once you pop ...

    I have five now.

    Billy Connolly: "The kids will be able to use my skin as a lamp shade after I die."

  9. I've heard that from a lot of people, Barb.

    Liking the Billy quote.

  10. What's a more poetic version of "Don't judge a book by its cover"? Instead of beauty is only skin deep, how about "Real beauty lies beneath".

    Love the Steve Jobs quote, perfect for writers eh?

    So what's the truth behind this weight loss plan? Kelly?

  11. The lampshade idea reminded me of the tattooed guy you posted about year before last. His were awesome!

  12. Hi Marley - the secret is having a cheat day. Then I can eat anything I fancy, but every other day I stick to the healthy stuff.

  13. Yeah, remember the hirsute dude with all the tats from last year's blog? very memorable. I think i'm still in love....thea

  14. 32 waist! My, my, you could go into modeling :)
    I've lost about 60 pounds during college and hat 32 waist too, but now I'm sadly back to 34 :(

  15. Hey, Thea. Glad to have been of service.

    Dezmond, 60 pounds is some going. Well done you. And 34 isn't so bad. I was almost at 38 - which is getting into heart attack country. So something had to be done about it.

  16. Ma mantra? Hmmmmmmmmmmm???

    Has to be: Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

    Oh aye, and bonjour fae Dameltin Michael

  17. Whit diz that mean?

    I've got a movie to hand back to you, Mr Numptyheid. Can you email me your phone number and I'll arrange to pop up for a cheeky wee coffee and a blether? mickmal1(at)

  18. It means "Until the final victory".

    It was probably one of the last things "El Che" wrote.

    Will email ye noo.

  19. Colour my life with the chaos of trouble