Monday, 10 March 2014

Birthday boy

My regulars will remember lots of posts on this here blog, back in the day, about my son when he was younger and much more entertaining. And when I could be truthful when calling him the wee fella.

He's had a birthday recently. 16. And he's no longer a wee fella. He's got a good 4 inches on his old man.

Anywho, in honour of this I thought I would offer you both a reprise.

This blog was posted nearly four years ago ...

Conversation #1

The wee fella said – after I gave him a good morning hug as he approached the breakfast table (well, THE table. I don’t have a table for like, every meal) – Daaaad, your breath stinks – pause – and your teeth are yellow.
Me – that was harsh.
The wee fella grins – it’s called tough love – grins even wider and finishes with – bitch!

Conversation #2

It’s my latest health kick and I give myself one day per week off the healthy stuff and eat absolutely anything I want. On this occasion I had a pizza – grand pan, meat feast – from a well known pizza chain. I’d mention them by name but I want some freebies first. (You know who you are. See my agent. Please.) Washed down with lashings of cola. From another well known company. Same rules apply ...Company Beginning with P.

I was munching into said pizza and fancied a wee top up to my cola. The cola was in the kitchen. I couldn’t be arsed going for it. I never ask the wee fella to be my gopher as I used to hate it when I was a kid. 

Besides, in the few occasions I have made such a request he moans like I’ve asked him to do a shift up a chimney. However, I had my sloth on and thought I would give it a go.

Me – could you fill up my glass, son? (I point helpfully to the cola bottle visible through the kitchen door.
TWF – (grunts, stands up) S’pose.
Me – after he has poured a paltry two fingers worth – thanks.
TWF – Why didn’t you get it for yourself?
Me – I wanted to see if you would do something for me.
TWF – I do something for you every day, Dad. (BIG grin) I give you a reason to live.

And nothing changes.



  1. they really DO think they are our reason for living, don't they??? ahh the ego of the well loved child...

    1. It is a thing to behold. (And they are SO right.)

  2. Time passes far too quickly my friend. Hope you all had a good time.

    1. Thanks, Ricky. Didn't do very much to be fair. But we (when I say "we" I mean "I") ate lots of cake.