Saturday, 11 September 2010

long time no speak...

It’s the end of the week, the sun is shining, Bob is darting at my feet as I walk about the house and the wee fella is up in his room shooting up some space bandits on his xbox. At least I think it was “bandit!” I heard him shout at the screen.

I have been delinquent in my blogging duties of late – like you care – so I thought I should post a quickie to say hi.


So what’s been happening? It was my birthday this week. The Queen of Chaos who as my 3 regulars will tell you is my twin sister, gave me a card with some cash inside and explained her lack of imagination with the question, ‘What do you buy the man who has everything?’

I answered, ‘More.’

Thing is I’m a long way from having everything, but I’m not really into STUFF anyway. Give me a few gadgets, some RnB and a pile of books and I’m happy. Oh and an e-reader.

I’m continuously tempted to buy one and then I talk myself out of it. I get lots of free books and I like to hold the book in my hand, so why do I want an electronic thingummyjig? Anyone out there got one? What’s your impressions? If I buy one should I go Kindle or Sony or some other version? And why would I want 3G on one?

Anywho, the best present I received wasn’t in fact a present but a review copy of James Lee Burke’s next novel due out in November (I have very kindly provided a photo of the jacket above), and a review copy of Bateman’s next offering, Dr Yes.


Oh and a (small indie) publisher asked to see the full book (one of my crime novels) after reading the first three chapters. They also want a marketing plan. I believe this is fairly common on the other side of the it becoming common practise over here as well? Anybody got any experience of this.

Right better go. Bob has very cleverly managed to pee on the puppy pad (a large absorbent towel thing) but get most of it on the floor.


  1. Glad you asked the question about the e-reader, Michael - husband thinks we should get one as a joint birthday pressie and I'm trying to decide the best option (Chris L might know).

    All the best with the indie publisher. I had to provide a kind of marketing plan for the Canadian publisher who took mine, although they promote it out there. Guess it helps us to focus on how to get it 'out there' eventually!

    Hope you had a good birthday.

  2. Cheers, Rosemary - and I'm sure Chris will have some sort of opinion, she bought the sony one some tine ago.

  3. Happy Birthday, Michael! one of my sons loves his ipad, the other likes his kindle. they both like the fact that the books a less expensive. i'm waiting til the price drops a lot but i don't really care. as far as your marketing plan, you're ahead with an established blog presence. my friends at writerunboxed have info on that stuff to get started, look thru their achives. but a request for a full = that's a nice birthday gift from the universe!! t

  4. Michael, As Thea said, publishers really like to know that you a) have a web presence, and b) have a marketing plan.

    Think of these as elements of your business plan. I have established 3 businesses in addition to a freelance writing career since 1985, so take my word for it, the bank is NOT going to lend you money if you don't have a business plan.

    Your publisher wants to make sure you not only know what marketing yourself and your book is all about, but also that you are willing to do it.

    Too bad you're so far away. I'd be happy to have you join this week's two-hour career development workshop at my office (Faulkner Education Services). Topic: MARKETING YOURSELF.

    Want me to send you the handouts? :)

  5. Well, I figured you were off celebrating spectacularly somewhere or you and the wee lad took another holiday.

    I'm hearing lots of good reviews on the e-readers including the Nook and the Ipad which does more, but like you, I resist reading books electronically. I love holding the physical book and turning down a good page. It's just NOT the same. A fellow author told me that she enjoys her Sony because she's able to get free books with the purchase and more books in the formats she needs. But that's all I know. You can also just download the free software for instance, for the Kindle, and try reading it on your pc. I don't even want to to that.

    I haven't heard of many authors lately being asked for business plans. Seems like there's a cycle for those requests.

    Happy Birthday, again. We're glad you were born!

  6. Aww, bless you Marley. As for the e-reader I think if writers ignore the possibilities they represent they'll get left behind. But I still prefer a house full of beautifully bound paper.