Saturday, 4 September 2010

Something for the weekend...

Police in Florida arranged for a local TV news station to show a store’s surveillance video in which an identified man was seen pistol whipping another dude. The news station appealed for help from their audience to solve this crime and received help from a wholly unexpected source.

The pistol-whipper himself phoned the police department to ask why his picture was on the news.


Just as I’m about to take on the emotional ties of a pet I come across a news article that makes me worry about what might happen should I get too attached. ..

Tsutomu Mizumoto, 31, was arrested early on Wednesday on the northern island of Hokkaido, the Mainichi daily reported.

Police said they responded to an emergency call about 5:45am about a car driving the wrong way on a motorway near the city of Otaru. They spotted the vehicle and pursued the driver, ordering him to stop.

Mizumoto ignored them (as you do when you are upset) and drove on, smashing through five emergency blockades and passing through a tollgate. He finally stopped at about 7:15am. (Did he run out of petrol?)

"I was sad that my pet cat died," he was quoted as telling police. "I wanted to do something crazy."

The average dog lives what, 10-15 years? I have lots of time to think up something nuts to do when he pops off to doggy heaven. Any suggestions?

Driver Bryan Parslow, 19, injured himself and three passengers when he crashed into a tree near Wheatland, N.Y., in May. He was playing "hold your breath" with his passengers and passed out

You’ve got to admire his determination to win, dontcha?

It’s silly season in UK newspapers with everyone (tabloids and broadsheets alike) getting all prissy about William Hague (the Foreign Secretary) and the allegations that were jumping all over the interweb. It appears he’s been found “guilty” of sharing a hotel bedroom with a political aide who happened to be male. Oh the shock of it. Two men sharing a room. They must be gay, was the verdict on the electronic highway.

Grow up, people.

Then proving that smart people do incredibly stupid things Hague compounded matters by using his wife’s miscarriages as “proof” he is a hetero.

WTF, Willy?

Back to men sharing a room –whether they are playing hide the sausage or not – here’s a great big SFW.

I’ll admit to liking my own space when away from home. Part of the joy of having a room to yourself is being able to go about in the buff, fart and snore to your heart’s content without someone else screaming at you to hide your man junk, go to the loo or sleep with a tennis ball sown onto the back of your pyjamas. Just saying.


  1. Good luck with the dog. I have four cats. Do I have to do something stupid when each one of them dies? If so, better start thinking now ...

  2. Hi Helen. I suppose you've got to let all that bad stuff out, eh? Best to have some fun while you're doing it.

  3. I've done something in anticipation many times. I tend to worry that it's the big one before it actually is then I'm caught off guard.

    Um, can you explain the tennis ball on your blog without being censored?

  4. hahaha,Marley - the tennis ball thing is much more innocent than you anticipated. Apparently it's method to stop someone snoring. It is sown into the PJs between the shoulder blades so that in the middle of your sleep you don't turn over onto you back.

  5. i, too, just vant to beee alooone

  6. Marley, I'll give you the real tennis ball explanation some time. Meanwhile, just let him go on believing what he told you.

  7. That's what I thought. And hey, no birthday blog? What's up with that?

  8. Hey Marley, apologies...I am delinguent in my blogging duties. I had such an uninteresting birthday there was nuthing much worth reporting.