Thursday, 7 October 2010

Its National Poetry Day...

...and I had intended to research a poem for you, but as usual I'm at the coo's tail (which is a charming Scots phrase meaning I'm rushin' aboot like a daftie) so I'm just going to have to try and show off, I mean share with you one of mine. ~smile~

This is an old one from my first collection In The Raw which I'd kinda forgotten I'd written until a friend told me she'd been reading through it and this was one of her favourites.

It's about...och, you can work out yourself what it's all about.

Another Kiss?

You offer the benediction of your kiss.
But what worth a kiss when it’s as chaste
as a 10 year old in her communion dress?

How did this spiral
from love in all its colours
to a base transaction?

You allow a touch,
I’ll smile once in a while

You purse your lips, I’ll pay the rent.

An exchange of services
for an exchange of fluids.

And when did the press of lips on that place
where neck meets shoulder meets fire
begin to fail to charge your heart?

And where do you chase your thoughts
when you close your eyes? Do you dwell
on my limbs pressing heavy on yours?

And when at the last our sweat mingles,
does the thin of your desire fade?

And why do I lie in the afterburn
when my heart stutters towards sleep,
turn my face to yours and pray
silent as the worn night
for one more kiss?

Now go and find some more poems and have yourself an experience.


  1. I just LOVVVE that poem. You should write romance ;))

  2. No? then you'll love this. You ALREADY write romance poetically. ;)

  3. I was just kidding with the "yuck". I have been told this (write romance) before. Maybe once I've got all the murder and mayhem out of my system.

  4. i loved this poem the first time i read it. your poetry is vulnerable, risky, but in the end, honest and real.

  5. Ae fond kiss, and then we slever;
    Ae fareweel, alas, for ever!
    Deep in heart-wrung tears I'll wedgie thee,
    Worn thighs and groans I'll wage thee.

  6. Quite liked that poem Mikey. Comin fae sumbuddy fae Dameltin, "quite liked" is high praise indeed ;o)

    Just havin a wee bit o' fun and I hope ye liked my version of Rabbie's love poem.

  7. Rab, you're awright. Ye cannae beat a kiss and a slever.

    Hope you're looking eftur yursel'.