Monday, 18 April 2011

May Contain Nuts is 2!!!!!

Hard to believe, innit? I've been boring/ entertaining/ wittering on for 2 years now.

Lets par-tay!

Thank you to all my bloggy buddies for joining in, passing by and linking on. It's been a blast.

And here to help you celebrate is a song from the days when RnB music was played by real musicians. Go on have a listen and dance around the room, I dare ya.


  1. Happy birthday, our Michael!

  2. Happy Blogbirthday! And hey, my HOLLYWOOD SPY is having its second birthday next week, we should organize a party together, you bring the booze, and I'm doing the catering :)

  3. Happy Birthday. Count me in for the party !!

  4. Hapy second birthday. Loved the music vid

  5. Happy 2nd blogging birthday - and many more of them!

  6. Thanks, Our Donna.

    Dez - 2 years for HS too. Crazy. We must have had the same brainwave. As for the party, bring it on.

    Nae bother, Ricky. (BTW have you checked out Hollywood Spy Blog? Right up your street.)

    Chris, did you dance?

    Thanks Rosemary. I feel like an old hand at this now.

  7. Cent'anni!
    Detectives Beyond Borders
    "Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"