Saturday, 2 April 2011

On with the silliness ...

Don'tcha love this picture!!!

Anywho, there I was waiting for my broccoli to turn into an unedible mush when I decided to look up some sillies on the web. Read on for some stuff wot tickled me ...

As a fan of certain female “attributes” I was interested, nay, distressed to read that the Mayor of Neuville-en-Ferrain, France had a statue removed from Le Mairie (that’s the town hall to the mono-lingual among you) because its breasts were too big.

How very dare he?

Mayor Gerard Cordon persuaded councillors to approve 900 euros in this year's budget to buy a replacement, a more conventional bust of “Marianne” (a French symbol of Liberty and Reason) modelled on the statuesque French model Laetitia Casta.

The artist who made the rejected bust, Catherine Lamacque, said she gave it outsized breasts deliberately, "to symbolise the generosity of the Republic." And why not, say I?

Strangely, the statue has been in residence since 2007 and it has taken until now for the mayor to be offended by it.  What happened monsieur? Did you change the prescription on your glasses? Have your testosterone levels fallen to an unprecedented low? Or did you fancy a younger model?

Being a techno-phobe and largely computer illiterate, I was also disappointed to read that "Google Motion" was an April fool’s hoax.

Google reported that they had found a way of combining your webcam and Gmail to dispense with outdated technology such as a keyboard and a mouse. Their hoax read thusly ...

 “By standing a safe distance from your computer, you will be able to issue commands by using different body shapes.

With a helpful motion guide, Google say that "movements are designed to be simple and intuitive for people of all skill levels". Leaning to your left will go to your inbox, while bringing your right arm up to your head with a closed fist will reply to the email.

It didn’t say what might happen if you inadvertently gave your crotch a vigorous scratch while you were on-line.

Fascinated as I am by body parts (one day I will grow up), the following article was bound to attract my attention ...

An English baker has brushed off a letter of complaint and petition after locals criticised his Nice Baps bakery. (For my overseas readers I have to jump in here with an explanation. “Baps” is a euphemism for breasts.  Yes. We are childish.)

Proprietor John O'Toole, 42, claimed that the name for the shop in the Bedfordshire village of Henlow came from his wife, the local rag reported.

Of the complaints, O'Toole said: "A little petition was handed in and I had a letter from one of the local schools who said they thought the name was trashy.

"So I tried to explain to them that I do small baps and big baps and they're nice and firm!"

So, that’s alright then. Power to your baps, Mr O’Toole. Keep the name, sir. It would make me smile as I passed by – and I would probably come in and buy a large firm pair. Perhaps modelled on the deposed version of Marianne.




  1. He he - thanks for the laughs this evening Mr M. On the topic of the name of businesses, this may amuse you:

  2. Thanks, Barb - loved the vid. And just how did fate manage to place a cafe nearby called the Gospel Cafe. Perfect!

  3. ah aha ha ..hilarious pic, and so very true in its suggestive meaning :)