Friday, 13 January 2012

An interview with ...


(Frankly, it's all about me.)

Go to The Inspiration Forum and read a little more about "Blood Tears".




  1. Sorry, I couldn't comment over there - not registered. Interesting that you're doing both fiction and non-fiction. Don't think I could do both.

  2. Hey Alex - thanks for taking the time to come back and say so. re your comment - it seems that regardless of what I write there is some form of narrative. Even in my poems. People and their actions/ reactions/ motivations fascinate me and I guess that inclusion of a narrative is why I am able to switch writing styles.

  3. Great interview, Michael. That's one moody, shadowy photo of you up there - very apt for a crime writer!

  4. thank you, Rosemary. The scummy wall looks particularly effective, doesn't it.

  5. Interesting interview Michael, particularly the bit where you said you learned to trust your characters. I found in my book I tried to plan what would happen in the next chapter and then a character would lead me off in another direction - it's a good feeling when that happens!

  6. Great interview Michael and congrats on the non-fiction book. YOu'll have to tell me all about it when I see you at crimefest (reserve me a copy of Blood Tears!)