Friday, 27 December 2013

A selection of my favourite reads 2013

Well, everyone else is doing it.

In no particular order

Alex – Pierre Lemaitre
At first I was thinking, here we go, another book where a serial killer kidnaps and tortures a beautiful young woman. And then it wasn’t.  Amusing, original and demands you turn the page.

The Cry - Helen Fitzgerald
A striking “dilemma” novel, emotionally charged and brilliantly executed.

An Exquisite Sense of What is Beautiful – J. David Simon
I read this right at the start of the year and it has stayed with me.  Manages to be both exquisite and beautiful.  Need I say more?

Blood City – Douglas Skelton
Gangsters in Glasgow in the 80’s. A fast, furious and fascinating read. (I’m sure I could slip another “f” in there. Mmmm. Best not.)

Grim Company – Luke Scull
An excellent debut into a brand new fantasy series. Avoids the information dump a lot of new fantasy novelists feel they need to start off a series.  A great set up and a team of characters I want to spend time with. I was hooked from page one. (And the author has the best name, right?)

Norwegian By Night – Derek B. Miller
A hero in his 80s, in a foreign country, fighting to save a young boy’s life.  Manages to combine lyricism with pace.

Beautiful Ruins – Jess Walters
Cinematic, laugh out loud funny and utterly charming. You will fall in love with this book.

419 – Will Ferguson
Won the Giller Prize (Canada’s version of the MAN Booker). A prizewinner that’s readable!  An author who knows his way round a tasty sentence and a genuinely thrilling and fascinating plot. Also a reminder, if we need one, how the so-called developed world bowing at the altar of the god of profit has damaged Africa.

Nos4r2 – Joe Hill
Genuinely creep-inducing – gave me the shivers at several stages through the reading of the book. A chunky read with crisp writing, Hill gives his old man a run for his money.

I’m certain you’ll find something here to enjoy. So go, buy one or more, wontcha?



  1. Loved Heart Shaped Box and Nos4r2. The last was really creepy on Audible but he's definitely worth reading even having to look over your shoulder the whole time, ;)

  2. Alex is in my TBR pile and I fancy the Joe Hill book too, haven't read any of his yet. Blood City also sounds good.