Saturday, 25 April 2009

Books, glorious books

The phones are off. The broadband connection has been clipped. The cable to my sky dish has been severed. The fridge is full. The kettle is on automatic re-fill (I wish) the blinds are shut and the door is locked. My razor and soap have been temporarily retired.

The sink will fill up with dishes (what’s new), any crumbs dropped from my distracted mouth will just have to go to feed my friendly neighbourhood mouse - Bob, the clothes I eventually got round to washing will just have to stay out on the line and my emails will go unanswered. If I don’t turn up for work on Monday –don’t worry, boss, I’ll get there – he gives a gallic shrug - eventually.

I’m sorry, but I make no apologies for coming over all bookgeeky. Just what, I hear you cry, is eliciting such a response? The answer is that the good people at Orion have been busy posting me a mystery/ thriller fan’s wet dream of advance copies for review.

I've just finished the latest books from Harlan Coben, John Connelly, Michael Connelly and I am half-way through R J Ellory’s The Anniversary Man due out on 3rd September (man, that guy can write) and sitting in my To Be Read pile are Denise Mina, George Pelecanos , Gillian Philip (Bloomsbury) and wait for it...drum roll...Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

As the song goes, how lucky can one guy be?

The Shadow of the Wind is one of my favourite books ever and I’ve been waiting for the next from Zafon since 2004. WTF kept ya, Carlos? And if you dear reader, haven’t read SOTW – give yourself a slap. Call yourself a book lover?

Thing 1 - will The Angel’s Game live up to my expectations? I’ve anticipated this book with so much well, anticipation I’m almost afraid to open the first page.

Thing 2 – Shadow of the Wind was SO good the author must be brimful of talent and AbsolutelyWithoutQuestion capable of pulling it off again.

Cannae wait.

Ps – the reviews will be published by I emerge from my reading cave bleary-eyed, blinking and full-bearded. And hopefully at least a stone lighter.


  1. Ooooh! I am soooo jealous, Michael.But somebody has to review all these gorgeous books, right?


  2. They send you the books to review because they know you know what you're talking about. On your recommendation, I bought an audio version of R J Ellory's A Belief in Angels - nearly 8 hours' worth - and it made a drive from Aberdeen to London flash by. You're right, the guy knows what he's doing.

  3. Love 'Shadow of the Wind' - didn't know he had another out.

  4. Ros, the new Zafon book is due out in June.
    Bill, glad you liked A Quiet Belief in Angels. I'd recommend all of RJE's books. He's a class act.

  5. Shadow of the Wind is one of my favourite books too Mike - but I lent it to somebody and it disappeared. I need another copy...

  6. the same thing happened to me and then I saw a copy in a charity shop. Didn't feel bad about buying a second hand copy for £2 seeing it was my second copy.