Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The First Post

I've been arguing with myself for some time now that I should be writing a blog. Arguments against: everybody's doing it - I might come across as an arse - I might run out of things to say. Arguments for: everybody's doing it - I might come across as an arse...and you get the picture.
The last straw that broke the camel's hump (I suffer from an uncommonly common condition called Malaprop Mixedmetaphoritis) was a comment from a friend I hold regular email conversations with. You should write a blog, he says. So I am.
Now I've run out of things to say.
Kidding. I've got one eye on the footie. Liverpool are playing catch up with Chelsea. Who'll win? Who cares? Don't you think all that money has taken the fun out of the game?

Anywho...I'm a writer, so I write and this gives me an excuse and allows me to exercise that particular muscle. Why not pop in now and again for some blethers and I'll try and keep you entertained. Sometimes it will be truth and sometimes it will be fiction. Often it will be a mix of them both, for as the man said, don't let the truth get in the way of a good blog. (Or he would've if they'd been about at the time.)

...haud me back, Liverpool have just equalised...


ps. Don't you love the wee guy in the picture? This was taken in a friend's garden - a wonderful place in the north of Scotland called Cliff Cottage, owned by an amazing women called Elizabeth Garrett.


  1. God bless this blog and all who sail in her! I hereby crack a virtual bottle of champagne on your stern. Love it, MD!

  2. And, as the bubbles drip from that stern, I kneel and - no, I can't go on. Great start Michael. Do you intend to reveal the Mad Dog tag to your followers? Together with the way you earned it?

  3. Cheers, Bill and Gill. Can't think what you mean about Mad Dog? How do you think I earned it?

  4. If your stern can stand another bottle of bubbly being cracked across it, Michael...add my 'God bless this blog' to Gill's.

    You are really up and away now, aren't you? Sails burgeoning taut in the wind...think I'm suffering from that condition you talk about...the mixedmetaphoritis...but you get my drift.

    I still think your natural place is a regular column in a Sunday mag.Fingers crossed! Keep it coming. Sheila x