Wednesday, 27 May 2009

I'll Be Back

I’m off first thing tomorrow morning to Aberdeen, the sunshine coast, to appear at the Wordfringe Festival and then to spend a couple of days at my favourite spot. Cliff Cottage, where the words flow honeyed and exact and where the hospitality is legendary.

70,000 words down on the current work in progress and I’m in the home strait. So I will be concentrating on that for a few days. In fact I need to have a rest from this blogging malarkey. I really enjoy the chance to be a bit irreverent, but it diznae pay the mortgage.
This novel is based on fact and set on a prison colony during the middle of the last century. It’s a story of a young man who was sent to the worst prison on the planet. His crime? Being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
If I tell you any more, I’ll have to kill you. With a sharpened teaspoon. While you’re sleeping. You’ll just have to lie very still so I can get some purchase on your jugular. So maybe I’ll tie you up first. With barbed wire. So I might need to waken you up first. And I’ve just taken this too far, haven’t I?
So, thank you for reading my blogging efforts so far and for those who can be arsed commenting, thank you for your comments – I love receiving them, makes me feel less like I’m indulging in a literary form of masturbation. Writing is like sex, much better when there is more than one person involved. To those who don’t leave a message, this is me with my tongue sticking out blowing a raspberry.
I’m having a few days off. But dinnae worry, as the heavily muscled man with the face paint and the Austrian accent said, I’ll be back.
Ps. Weren’t Barcelona worthy winners tonight? Apart from the first ten minutes, Man Utd were barely in it. Iniesta and Zavi were awesome.
Ps. Watching the news with another apologetic MP tonight reminds me of the quote by Aristotle that says something along the lines of...the amount of shame the sinner feels is in line with the number of people who have become aware of the sin. (This isn’t the exact quote, but it’s close enough, ok?)
Ps. The saddest thing I’ve heard recently was Susan Boyle saying that she hopes she makes the final of BGT because that will show she is a worthwhile person. Bless. And shame on Lily whatsername, going for an easy target.
Right, that’s me done with ps’s. Honest. I mean it. For real. See ya.


  1. Mike, all the best with your writing endeavors. Cliff Cottage sounds fantastic and so does your book plot. I'd love to get away to work on mine on the coast of Scotland. Have a great yet productive time. I will miss your posts. You really do make me laugh. Nár lagai Dia do lámh!

  2. Thanks, Thea. Pardon the ignorance but you're going to have to tell me what the last sentence means - and what langauge it is in.

  3. it's irish gaelic - it means 'let God not weaken your hand' - appropriate since you wrote 16K freekin words on your 'mike in girl world' holiday! still jealous since i would love to go to cliff cottage to write. have a great week, mr. malone. keep writin