Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Stuck on Stoopid

It’s holiday season which means journalists think we are all gagging to know what the great and good of the land are taking on holiday to read. One newspaper listed the favourite books in the House of Commons this summer. Which was a yawnarama. All the MPs, who just weeks ago were queuing up to tell us how sorry they were for stealing our money, were elbowing each other out of the way to name their favourite books du jour. I’d tell you but I prefer you to go on reading this blog rather than have you tumble into snoozeville.

Then at the weekend we had Glasgow’s Sunday Herald listing the must-reads of a Scots ensemble. And after each of these notable Scots’ choice we had the literary editor’s comments. Which was a great big sofuckingwhat. What these articles are really notable for is how these people try to outdo each other in the-look-how-intellectual-I-am stakes. Pat Kane(of Hue and Cry) so needs to get out more. Give the man his dues, he has an outstanding voice but I’m surprised he has the elbow room to read, what with being so far up his own arse. I gave a wee cheer for Ron Butlin who didn’t bother to join “the gang” and stated that he was taking the latest James Lee Burke with him.

This is me saluting your willingness to cock a snook at the literary snobs, Ron.

Saw a pigeon going for a walk the other day. For real. I was in the car outside a friend’s house and this pigeon walked past, doing the whole head-butting thing. It walked towards my car and then down the hill for about another 200 metres. Whassat all about? Didn’t even have the good sense to hop up onto the pavement.

It’s amazing the odd wee facts you pick up in crime novels, innit? According to one such, since 1958 over 400 people in the US have died from an allergic reaction to sperm. I’m hoping that their fella let them get theirs first, so they died happy.

Down the left hand side of this page – sorry, the other left – their is a widget that you can go into that tells how and where the people who read this blog come from. It showed that just the other day someone visited May Contain Nuts from Italy after putting in the search legend, sexi scotchman showing nuts.

Mmmm. Wondering if I should change the name of this blog...


  1. I had to see Feedjit to believe it. So funny!

  2. your blog's name is what caught my eye. i wouldn't change it

  3. I was only joking, Thea. And I agree, the title works. How's life in your neck of the woods?

  4. That is so funny. Where do you get these pictures? First the poetry is sexy, now the poet, lol.

  5. Marley, I get the pictures from emails that friends send me and from on-line sources. Just google (or bing) funny pics et voila. as for the poet being sexy...what can I say? Nothing, except the correct spelling is "sexi"