Monday, 18 January 2010


So Avatar wins a Golden Globe for best drama. Have they lost their fuckin’ minds? Did they even watch the other movies? For what it’s worth, I enjoyed the film. It was an experience. That’s the key word here, experience. I loved the 3D and the visuals. But the plot? Gimme a break. Blue Pocahontas Dances With Wolves. Clunking themes and two-dimensional characters do not a great drama make. If I was the writer of the Hurt Locker I’d be feeling robbed right now. Let’s hope the crew who decide on the Academy Awards go against the hype/ box office and look beyond the hype/ CGI.

Ok #takes deep breath# this is maybe too much honesty...but I’m trying to shame myself into keeping this going...after getting into too many bad food and exercise habits I’ve taken myself in hand. So to speak. Remember the new exercise programme I mentioned? Seven pounds lost so far. Only the same amount to go. Times three.

I’ll keep you posted.

The pro-climate change wallahs have taken a big kick in the nads with the admission that their report that the Himalayan glaciers would melt by 2035 was bogus. As I said before until we take the politics out of this issue we’re never going to get anywhere. Simples?

If I ever want to increase the traffic to this blog from Italy all I need to do is mention Naked Girls. Who knew? Oops, there I did it again. Naked girls.

Some cracking TV on at the moment; new series of Dollhouse, Heroes and Being Human. And isn’t Glee a joy? Favourite moment from this week’s show was the Principal requesting that the Acafellas sing I Wanna Sex You Up at the Parent council meeting to distract them from the fact that they’ve been serving the kids “prison food”. Genius.

The wee fella was with me when I watched the first episode of the new series of Being Human. Mistake much? My thinking was that we could deal with any bad language. He hears worse at school, right? And the special f/x or scary moments he could also deal with. So my inner parental censor decided it should be a goer.

Half-way through, and it’s the day after the full moon and the werewolf is back in his human form and seduced by a vampire out in the forest. They’re making the beast with two backs. Wolfie is driving into the vamp like he’s trying to nail her to the forest floor with his pecker.

I’m trying to look all grown up and Not Bothered while a cringe is locked onto my expression. I look over at the wee man. His face is twisted in disgust.

‘Oh NO,’ he shouts, ‘I’ve never seen humans humping before.’ (As a fan of wildlife programmes he has seen any number of creatures “hump” he was happy to tell me later. But never humans. )

‘Oh my god that is HORRIBLE.’ He looks at me. ‘Do you like this?

‘I could do without it.’ I go for studied nonchalance, wondering if there’s going to be a repeat later on.

‘Did you do that with my mum?’

I give him THAT look.

‘Just asking.’


  1. Hi Michael,
    I agree about the predictability of Avatar, it was nothing original but the visuals, pace and performances made up for it. I (too much honesty!) enjoyed Cameron's Titanic too and I knew what was going to happen in that.
    Nice to see Dexter win a couple of Globes.

    On climate change, I saw a documentary a while back called The Great Global Warming Swindle, it was food for thought to say the least

  2. I haven't seen Avatar, but it sounds like I'm not missing much!

  3. I was bored rigid by the pretentious crap James Cameron served up in Avatar. I didn't even think his use of 3D was as good as that of Monsters vs Aliens. The sets were all stuff out of video games, and I agree entirely about the plot, dialogue, characterisation - all so clunky and 1950s B-movie. How does he get away with it? (Same way as Dan Brown in books, I guess.)

    But the wee man keeps on restoring my faith in human nature. he is definitely his father's son. More please of the gospel according to the wee man.

  4. Hey Ricky, good to hear from you. Agreed on Dexter. Shame the lead guy's not too well. hope he pulls through.

    Helen, I didn't think it was that bad, just not good enough.

    Bill, if he's his father'son he must be getting it by osmosis cos I am way beyond well-behaved when he's around.

  5. I loved the colors and bird dragons on Avatar. Got all kinds of good ideas, lol. And they are notorious for picking bad best pictures, imo.

    What's wrong with Dexter actor? The wee fella proves again that he's just toooo smart.

  6. hey Marley - I hear the lead guy in Dexter has some form of cancer. Hodgekinson's disease or someting like that. Nasty, huh? The report read that they had caught it in good time and that it wasn't going to interrupt his schedule.

    as for the wee fella, i remember having that certainty. and that's long gone.

  7. I have GOT to see Being Human. Got to got to. Sans kids.