Monday, 22 March 2010

May Contain...a rant or two

Let’s imagine this wee of the most prestigious newspapers in the country runs an article in their lifestyle section entitled: 25 Reasons to Hate Women. The article goes on to list the promised 25 items that are puerile and clichéd. In essence it’s something we’ve all read in those chain emails. You know – the ones that say send this to 25 friends and to any woman you know with a sense of humour. However, this time it’s been given the sheen of respectability by one of the broadsheets. But we all see the “fun” side of this - read the “truth” in the items and nod and laugh and tell our pals so that they can all read, nod, laugh and then pass it on to their pals. Oh how mature we all are. How we congratulate ourselves that we are able to see the lighter side of life.

Not going to happen is it?

Rightly so, people (both women and men) would be emailing their MP, boycotting the newspaper and the social networks would be alight with fury as everyone vents their indignation.

Let’s now turn this on its head because the very first part of this posting did happen at the weekend. It was The Times and they published an article entitled 25 Reasons to Hate Men. With the promised 25 puerile and clichéd “fun” reasons as to why men should be the focus of women’s hate.

A day later and someone at the newspaper has had a re-think. Perhaps we’re being a tad harsh, they might have said. So they have another look at the article and ...they change the title. It’s now called “The Trouble With Men”.

Oh, that’s alright then.

Naw it iznae.

If that article had been written about ANY other section of society they would have been in deep do-dah. They would have been up to their necks in lawsuits and quite possibly the boys in blue would have been knocking on their door bearing a charge of Hate Crime. But it’s about men. They can take it. They’ve been cowed into submission. Broad shoulders and all that.

Fuck that.

Oh, I know – you’re possibly sitting there and thinking, oh here he goes again.

It’s time to stop this shite. It’s not smart, it’s not clever, and it cheapens us all. C’mon people, we’re better than this. Aren’t we?

The encouraging thing for me is that many of the comments that followed this piece of regurgitated crap – apart from one or two fuckwits – are from both women and men questioning the IQ of the brain dead marshmallow head that thought it was worth publishing.

As for the people at The Times...shame on you.

Go here ...

...and give vent to your indignant side...I’m off upstairs to push the toilet seat up, while farting loudly, scratching my nuts and piling up coins as I go.


  1. I'm in agreement, Michael. Our differences are glorious. Why can't we celebrate them? Negativity breeds more negativity. And are those emails really that funny? Food for thought and action.

  2. Cheers, Marley. The silent majority hold the key, dontcha think. It's time for the reasoned and the reasonable to be heard.

  3. I read the article, Michael. What's your beef, again? I also read the comments. I was very impressed with how many men responded with comments which meant that they actually know how to read. Although one of the responders spelled potpourri 'poperry' when he referred to some bowl his wife spent his hard earning money on but didn't need. That's my pet peeve - poor spelling. Nothing could ruin a romantic evening like a bad speller or a man who thinks phonetically. It's right up there with snot rockets. Now go wash dishes while I finish reading the paper.

  4. Thea, this is me wondering how poor spelling could ruin a romantic evening. Do you get them to write their conversation out on a napkin? As for the dishes, I'll wait until the sink is full thanks.

  5. Good stuff Michael,
    Things like "ladies night" at my gym really annoy me.

    Piling up coins? That an issue in your household?

  6. i have a clipboard with pre-printed questionnaires. i play it out like it's a game, but, yup, it's a test. I call it 'I'm the teacher and you're the student'.

    Ricky - here's a reason why men should be supportive of ladies night: referring to the article's list that Michael was displeased with, there were many comments from men, some of which spoke of men's disappointment with their fat, lazy, spendthrift women. The derision is blatant, so in order for women to get back to pleasing their men visually, they might need to exercise. Yet, men's derision might keep a less than perfect sized woman from going to the gym. So, throw the dog a bone and give them one night of exercise without being mocked.

  7. Ha Ha. Brilliant Thea,

    I would never mock a woman of any shape or size at the gym. I just don't want to be barred because she is there. I wouldn't support a "mens night" either, as(apart from teenagers who obsess over these things) nobody really cares what anyone else looks like.

  8. Ricky, of course, YOU wouldn't make fun. And I know Michael wouldn't either. (Yeah, Michael talks a good game about leaving the seat up, but he's way too sensitive to be inconsiderate, even when he's ranting) But you both are more superior than the average bear. I, unfortunately, understand the slightly more paranoid, self-conscious mindset which leans towards a separate but equal gym. M -I'm on the road so you won't have to put up with my annoying chatter for a few days! Scotland forever and all that. t

  9. Thea - there's nothing annoying about your "chatter". I appreciate your input. As for some of the comments that appeared on that article later on, I agree with you. I'm all about tolerance and a fair deal for everyone and crap iike that does my head in.

    we need more love and acceptance in the world. Everybody after me...Love, love, love. Love, love, love.

    Ricky, dude - you are so right, nobody REALLY cares what others look like. We're all so fixated on ourselves.

  10. Oh and Thea, loving the clipboard idea. Is there a patent on that? Now, if I could just come up with some questions....

  11. Have to agree with you on that stupid bloody article, Michael. It's so insulting that they should think it's worth printing crap like that. What interests me more is Thea's idea of a romantic evening with clipboards. If you and I could get advance warning of the questions, we might be in with a chance. (Not with one another I hasten to add.)

  12. one of the questions is:

    3. What is your favorite grade: A, C, or F?


    7. How many times does 1 go into 0?

  13. See, that's me lost right there. If the grades were cup sizes and the 0 was replaced with 1, I might get something right.