Friday, 18 May 2012

BLOOD TEARS announcement for those who live far, far away ...

Time to get back into the world of blogging, methinks. I've been kinda remiss in my posting of late, on account of the new job. Frankly, my poor wee brain can only handle so much "to do" stuff before it turns to mush and I have to lie down on the sofa and watch endless hours of shit T.V. Anywho, apologies to both my readers. And thank you for your patience.

You will know (both of you) that BLOOD TEARS is scheduled for release on June 6th. However (drum roll there please, Drummer) it is available to buy online NOW.

UK peeps who are desperate to read BLOOD TEARS, and frankly who can blame them, should go HERE!

Overseas peeps who are equally desperate to read BLOOD TEARS, and again, totally blameless, should go ICI

You can of course, go to Amazon - washes mouth out with soap - but I'm thinking we should do everything we can to hamper their Take Over the World approach.

Come back soon for more BLOOD TEARS stuff. Cos, frankly, over the next wee while, its all going to be about ME.



  1. Congratulations, Michael! I can do a shout-out for your book next week.

  2. Wait, there's only two of us now? Did we lose one? :)

    Looking forward to the novel. Big congratulations on the release!!

    1. Hey LG - I'm thinking I've probably lost one 'cos I've not been blogging much lately. And thanks for the congrats.

      BTW - are you well rested after your travels?

  3. your third reader :) congratulates you on the online release!

    1. PS your publisher should probably spank you for doing the promo only a week before the release :)

    2. Thanks, Dez - and shhh - you're right.

  4. Oh, all the best with the upcoming sales and promotion, Michael!

  5. Congratulations! You must be excited

  6. NumptyHeid1952Tuesday, May 22, 2012

    A want tae go tae yur signing in Ayr. Buy ma book and get it signed by "Thee Author" <-------- Cool eh?
    That's you uffishully an Author wowdy wow wow wow.
    That's me uffishully a ken an AUTHOR oooohhhhhhhh.
    Ur ye gaunnae hae a signing thiny in the toon?

  7. Aye, Rab - Wednesday 6th June.. Carnegie Library at 7:30pm. Ur ye comin'?

  8. I will be in Larne :o)
    How shoitey is that. I have waited like a gazillion years for this.
    Liz says, you will just have tae cum here and do a personal signing , or is it SINGING LOL HMMMmmmmm.
    Am scunnert noo :o(
    I am away to "dee owl coontree" for 10 days AGAIN with the van. Belfast, Larne, Drogheda, Dublin etc and back to Larne on the 5th. Stay the 5th & 6th and back hame tae dear ol' Bonnie Scotland on the 7th.

    Noo am really scunnert (wae an ert, NOT an ED because there is no such word in Scots as Scunnered)


  9. Congratulations on the release of your book, it sounds amazing and exactly the kind of book I love to read. You can thank Alex for the shout out; it sent me right over to check out your book.

    I have been away from blogging and have been out of touch with my writer and blogger friends for the month of May, but it seems that I am reading everywhere that Amazon is not anyone's favorite right now. I suppose I am guilty of helping them take over the world because I find myself turning to Amazon for all of my book purchases and now even toys for the kids and clothing for me. WTF and when did that happen?

    I am looking forward to reading your book. I am a new follower.

  10. Melissa - so good of you to stop by and leave a message - and thanks for the follow. As for Amazon - they are a worry - try the Book depository. I believe their shipping charges are lower.

  11. See the hoards are on their way. I'm headed to Amazon meself. And don't forget me when you count your followers. I'm an irregular follower lately because we've both been irregular bloggers, lol. Jobs, blah!