Sunday, 29 November 2009

Edinburgh Ghost Tours

I don't have your contact details, Thea - so this post is specially for you. Public service blogging, eh?

For anyone else who is curious, Thea who lives in the US of A has a son who has coming over to Bonnie Scotland during his honeymoon (yes?). Part of his visit will be in Edinburgh or as some of us like to call it "Auld Reekie".

Edinburgh does a lot of things very particular its ghost tours. For details cut and paste the following...

another site with details is...

I hope he has a fab time. And dinnae blame me if it's all crap. I'm just the messenger.

With thanks to She Who Must Not be Named for providing the details.

And with apologies to Marley after her excellent blogging tutorial which I totally forgot about while I was typing this and now I can't be arsed going back to find out what the proper way of doing it is.

I suck. But don't care.

Oh - and if any Edinburgh locals are reading this, can they add a comment with suggestions as to some places that Thea's son and new wifey can go stuff their faces?


  1. You can get three different types of sausages for bangers and mash at the Au Bar at 101 Shadwick Place (Princes Street becomes Sandwick Place as you walk west). I can highly recommend the Lucifer's Matchsticks if you like a bit of spice. Also a great place to try haggis.

    A lovely walk is the Waters of Leith.

    The castle goes without saying as the Scottish crown jewels and the stone of Scone are in there.

  2. I loved Edinburgh, it was cold and drizzling and I wanted to stay. No apologies necessary, you did it unconsciously. They're links! no need to cut and paste. I'm so proud.

    Thea, hope they have a wonderful honeymoon!