Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Happy Days

What are you doing reading this? You should be on to read all of the excellent reviews there. There’s a fresh batch for some books that are released this month. Do you remember I went into paroxysms of delight the other week when I had all those books to read? Some of the results of that reading orgy have now been posted. Hopefully you will be intrigued enough to go and buy one of them. If you do, come back and let me know what you bought and if you agreed with the review.

Just lost 10 minutes of my life watching “Fool’s Gold” with Matthew McConnaghy and Kate Hudson. I was feeling lazy after a long and fruitless day and thought that a frivolous movie would be a good idea. The movie comes under the heading Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time. How on earth does this crap get made? What did this make at the box office, about two shillings?

Whaddya know? There I was feeling like an old letch talking about the M&S bra poster and the gorgeous pair of breasts therein, when that grand dame of British journalism, The Times has gone and published an article about them. See, I'm not a letch at all, I am SO of the moment. My finger is on the pulse. I am the Samuel Pepys of my day. I am so full of shit.

For the record they belong to a young lady by the name of Natalie Suliman. Apparently this young lady’s 32E assets are entirely natural. But, The Times complains, the green silk number in the picture is not that good a fit on her because the front of the bra, where the bow is, does not sit flat against the chest as it should, and the cups are too small. For education purposes only you understand, I have posted a copy of the photo here.
Loving the sunshine, by the way and I'm not going to whinge even for a second, that it's too hot.


  1. I'm so glad The Times put everyone straight on that appalling bra. The moment I saw it I realised that something wasn't quite right and the longer I looked, the more difficult it was to work it out. But I persevered.
    And persevered.
    Then I skimmed your comments and, thanks to you, could go back to my perusal enlightened as to what it was that had held my attention and kept me so wrapt. Blog readers owe you so much, Michael. Thanks for this.
    Now, just one more wee look before I go.

  2. Just consider me to be a public service, Dude. Keeping the nation right, is what keeps me breathing.

  3. yes, michael, your cup runneth over with do-goodism

  4. If you like Crime Squad, you may also want to check out Detectives Beyond Borders. I love the tag line: "Because Murder is More Fun Away From Home."

  5. So glad I wasn't the only one. I would like to thank The Times and you for your public service....