Sunday, 11 October 2009

love sucks

- Love sucks, says the wee fella as he surfs through the music channels.

- Sorry? I look up from my book.

- All this music. Why do all these people sing about nothing except love?

- Don’t know - I say - It makes the world go round?

- That’s Or sex – he says this word with what he thinks is a leer. Looks more like a pantomime bad guy.

- You’re too young to be obsessed with that stuff - I go for a jokey tone.

- I’m not obsessed - judging by his tone, he doesn’t like my tone - these people are obsessed – he waves the remote at the telly - with all their songs about love.

- Cannae argue with that - I say while trying to remember a recent pop song that wasn’t about relationships.

- Anyway - he gets back to his original point - love still sucks.

- Why’s that? I ask, anxious to get back to reading Greg Iles’ latest paperback.

- ‘Cos it always ends.

- Not always, son. I know your mum and me didn’t last but some people stay married for a long time.

- Yeah and then it ends. They always break up. Anyway – he stares at the telly- is that not her from X factor? The judge?

- Cheryl Cole – I answer – she has a song of her own now.

- And it’s about love, isn’t it?

- Yes – I have a wee listen to the lyrics.

- Have they broke up yet? He asks all world-weary and cynical.

- Lots of relationships last, son. Both of my older brothers have been with their wives for like – I can’t remember the exact number so I guess - 30 years.

- Yeah but one day one of them will die.

- Everybody dies, I say with my This Is One of Life’s Big Lessons voice.

- Exactly. And they they’ll be on their own. Love sucks – he crosses his arms and leans back into his chair.

Conversation over.

We both turn to face the TV and watch Cheryl Cole dancing on the screen.

- Dad?

- What?

- Why’s she humping the wall?



  1. What a 'wise' and cynical wee lad. Wait'll the love bug hits. He'll have a different outlook.

  2. Exactly, Marley. He's waaay to young to be so cynical. And I swear I haven't influenced him. My son has some very strong opinions. God knows how that happened. The real me is a bit of a fence-sitter cos I can usually see every side of the story.