Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Cakes n Cricket

Something weird happened at work today. It was someone’s birthday and as is customary the birthday girl bought some cakes – lemon cupcakes yum (you don’t look a day over 21, D). So, the desktop was looking like a bakery and I’m standing there chatting to someone...picking at a bunch of grapes.


I actually ate the grapes and didn’t give the cakes a second thought. AAAAAAAARGH. What is going ON?

In order to offer some balance back into my diet, I a) rushed to the nearest loo and washed my mouth out with soap and then b) drove straight to KFC for a 3 piece Colonel’s meal.

(the England team experience the pain of not beating the Aussies at Lords for 75 years)

Caught a little cricket on TV the other day. Something or other called The Ashes. Andrew Flintoff, sorry England versus Australia. We Scots don’t really do cricket. We’re way too busy running up and down the hills in kilts, chasing haggis and shouting “Och aye, the noo” on a continuous loop.( It’s tiring, but fun and allows us to burn off all that deep-fried food.)

I only watched for like a minute before the yawns threatened to dislocate my jaw. But that was long enough for new information to reach me and it struck me that only the English would have a sport where a break in play was denoted by the word “Tea”.

It occurred to me that if the Scots had come up with this game the break would have been known as “Whisky” . Much more civilised methinks. And you wouldn’t have to eat those pesky cucumber sandwiches with a dram.


  1. Cucumber Sandwiches? Surely it would be a large dish of stovies and a Tunnock's tea cake - then back out to bat whether it was raining or not.

  2. Ahhh, tunnock's tea cake...a thing of beauty.

  3. I'd love to see the second half after the whisky break, lol. New rules would have to be in play.

  4. Marley? Is that you with the redhead profile pic? It's not Jean Grey from the X-Men is it?

  5. PS Michael, I like the new look of the blog (I expect I'm well out of date). If you hate cricket you should try being in the West Indies. AAAARRRGH.

  6. Gillian, and here's me thinking you were hanging on my every word. In any case I'll forgive you cos you've put a flag from the Caribbean on my blog list. But I shall expect comments on every other post.

  7. As it happens, Michael, your caption was a bit premature, because the England team did indeed beat the Aussies at Lords.
    I happen to be one of that rare breed of Scots (and particularly Scottish women) who enjoys watching cricket - provided they get a move on.
    Next time you're in the West Indies, Gillian, maybe you might want to thing about taking a PA along...