Saturday, 11 July 2009


Never thought I'd see myself doing this...but wanna see some of the snaps I took on holiday?

A tree, but not as we know it. Do you see the alligator in the wood? The alien species that has come down to watch over us...until the right moment Before it strikes and asks for 10%. Guess what I was watching last night?

I'm liking this one. Note the composition. Note how the trees frame the epic skies. Note how the small yellow sail (man made)acts as a counterpoint to the scale of nature. Note how full of shit I am.

There's something about this tree. What is it with me and trees?

This was taken at the pen that contained the Amur Tigers at the Highland Wildlife Park, Kincraig. Note how I skilfully caught the reflection of the people staring at the tigers and how they in turn become the exhibit. The tiger becomes hidden. The more we strain to see it, the more difficult it becomes to see. Like breathing, the more you focus on it the harder it becomes. The tiger becomes your breath and mists on the glass. Gawd, I am SO full of shit I should be locked up. But just for a moment you were going for it, right?


  1. Never mind the BS, you have a definite way with words, and a good eye for a picture, too.

  2. I like the composition on the tree pictures. And what poetical commentary. I'm a sucker for trees, storms - and cows.

  3. i love the lake and storm photo. it made me want to be there

  4. Thanks, Careann, you are too kind.
    Marley, cows? really?
    Thea - the storm passed us by. It rained (half-heartedly)for like 5 minutes and then the sun came back out. Our weather really is that changeable.

  5. There are many 'tree admirer' people(me being one of them) and a lot of slideshows on the topic of special looking trees.

  6. Alligators in the trees? Think you need to take a Rorschach test! Nice post and had me staring at the tiger picture for ages - thought it was one of those 3D magic eye images - until the dinner burned that is!