Wednesday, 29 July 2009

On the Bog

I'm not sure if I need to clarify this for my North American readers (apologies if you already use this word) but here in the UK one of the euphemisms we have for the toilet is "the bog". Where this comes from I wouldn't like to speculate. Well, actually I would. For what it's worth I'm thinking that our ancestors denuded our forests thousands of years ago, effectively turning many of them into bogs. Ergo, we didn't go into the woods to take a dump, we went into the bog. Makes sense, non?

Where am I going with this, I hear you ask. Let me answer...I received a letter today from the Shetlands Islands Council. They have chosen two of my poems, Within Reach and Eisenhower's Mother for their Bards in the Bog project.

The poems will be posted in toilets around Shetland for the next three months, and on the Shetland Library website. For a wee look go to

How cool is that? Spend a penny (another euphemism - this time for taking a piss. We Brits love to discuss our bodily functions, but only in the most inoffensive of ways) and you get to read my poems. Beats reading a shitty tabloid. See what I did there?

And no, the "poem" above is not one of mine.


  1. ummm, i guess this is a good thing, cause if it's not, i'd be pissed if i were you

  2. So does this mean you get a royalty every time someone goes into their public reading throne?


  3. ...and the puns keep coming. I'd be pissed if they didn't:)
    Nobody said anything about royalties - it's more about the exposure. The librarian told me that she was part of a conversation in the ladies where someone shouted from her cubicle - what poem have you got? So all these ladies were sitting doing their business behind closed doors talking to each other over the doors. Kinda cool.

  4. Great idea and great poems!

  5. An interesting opportunity for a little exposure. Hmm, I could ask about what's being exposed but, nah, I won't go there. ;)