Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Its the first of the month and that means...

...there are fresh reviews on CRIMESQUAD.COM

A few of mine are sitting there waiting for your delectation, including John Connolly's The Whisperers and our Book of the Month, Cross Country Murder Song by Philip Wilding.

Also included is a review of a new novel by a friend of this blog; Donna Moore and Old Dogs. Donna has her own blog - absolutely well worth a read - go here bigbeatfrombadsville in which she (mainly) highlights Scottish crime fiction. Bless her wee cotton socks and thigh-length boots.

Donna's latest novel was described by book reviewer extraordinaire, Declan Burke as being like an Ealing comedy with salty Glaswegian patter. Or somebody did. I should check but I don't have time/ can't be arsed.

Here's what I had to say over at Crimesquad...

Having established her credentials with her first published novel “Go To Helena Handbasket” Donna Moore turns her wit and attention on to the world of the crime caper with gut-achingly funny results.

With care and precision Donna introduces her main players and their foibles and then very cleverly drops them in and out of the action to maximum effect. How she orchestrates her comic set-pieces is nothing short of genius and designed to eke out every last piece of humour.

An extra ability added to the already impressive list of skills that Donna exhibits in her writing is the ear she has for dialogue. For someone who is not a natural Scot she has the accent and the patter down to perfection.

If Alexander Pope was here to turn his attention to crime writing rather than philosophy he might have said, to laugh is human; to make other people laugh is divine. Donna Moore shine your halo.

Now people, go do yourself a favour and buy a copy.


  1. What a wonderful review. Sure makes me want to read her book and visit her blog. You always have good recommendations.

  2. Cheers, Marley. Did you pop across to crimesquad.com? I'm liking my review of Philip Wilding's book.

  3. Dammit, Michael. I'm up to my eyes in work, I have a pile of unread books at my bedside, and now you force me to buy even more. I love the sound of Donna's work so it'll go to the top of the pile. I need to visit her blog now, too. If Marley hadn't reminded us of the proliferation of the blame culture, I'd say it's all your fault. (Well, it bloody is.)

  4. You'll enjoy it Bill - and you'll see on Donna's blog that she's spelled your name incorrectly. But hey, you get a mention.

  5. Not any more I haven't :o) Why didn't you bloody tell me, Malone? Sorry Mr Kirton.

  6. I must have thought about it, Donna - and then went off to do my hair or something...