Saturday, 19 June 2010

The one where I'm having a short break from the World Cup...

My sticky willie is rampant. And the grass looks like I trimmed it with a blowtorch. Any green shooting through the turf is actually a weed.

This is me taking a break from the World Cup – well, I’m recording the game, while I attend to the catastrophe that is my garden. There is a great Scottish word for just such a mess; a mogre. I think that’s how you spell it. You pronounce it like ogre – just add the “m”. See the stuff you learn on this blog!

As for the sticky willie I just looked it up on google (all hail google) and it has all these names; Beggar’s Lice, Catchweed Bedstraw, Cleverwort, Everlasting friendship, etc etc etc. It’s nice having all these names and everything but it’s a fokken nuisance.

Just so you know, in honour of the South African hosts of the footie, I’ve decided I should swear in their language. If you don’t like it you can fokken sue me.

This is just a wee posting today – unlike my sticky willie – ‘cos I have been lax with my blogging duties of late.

Anywho, the garden is still calling me. But this time it’s for a bout of sloth. I feel some lethargy coming on and it would be rude to ignore it.

Have a good weekend, people.


  1. The footie has been so poor I'd rather weed the garden !

  2. Please explain me what Sticky Willie is, because all sorts of strange ideas are now circling my mind :))

    When it comes to soccer, here in Serbia the whole country was celebrating the victory of our national team over Germans yesterday, so the happiness and joy can be found all around :)

  3. Ricky, you have a point but it seems to have improved a wee bit with the second set of games. With the notable exception of (whisper it) England.

    Dezmond, what a fantastic result! I was cheering Serbia on. As for the sticky willie it is a weed that gets its name from the fact that it sticks to your clothing if you brush past it.

  4. i call mine the garden of weedin. its a dandalion paradise. have a great football weekend. i see the US got 'robbed' yesterday. i read a sports commentary (norm the 'slouch') where the writer begged the US to lose so people won't hate us.

  5. I may steal "the garden of weedin'" Thea. As for Norm, that's just stoopid.

  6. my dandalions think they're king of my jungle

  7. oh, my security word was 'pith mas' - that must be the high holy holiday for pithy people